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Conqueror’s Blade’s Season One ‘Seize the Crown’ Begins This Fall

Conqueror’s Blade announced that Seasons will be coming to the game beginning in Fall 2019. These limited-time events will offer a new dimension to the free-to-play tactical MMO. A wealth of challenges and rewards await the bravest and hardiest knights. Season One: Seize the Crown will begin this fall and features a luxurious, regal theme that will ultimately influence the season’s content. For a limited time, players will be able to take on this Battle Pass, and complete in-game challenges for legendary items, exclusive to this season. This will include kingly cosmetics and other royal content. More Seasons will arrive in the future, to provide plenty of end-game progression activities for players, regardless of skill set.

The first Season is being heralded by a Pre-Season update, which has a ton of improvements, features, and fixes to improve the overall gameplay experience, as well as prepare for Season One. The User Interface has been revamped, with menus and interfaces that are more intuitive and accessible. For the first time, all weapons will be made available to all players, regardless of gender. Female characters will be able to use the Poleaxe, Bow, and Spear, and male warlords will gain access to the Shortbow and Dual Blades. This will bring the total number of unique gender and weapon combinations up to 20. Conqueror’s Blade will also see some graphical enhancements, to make the world prettier, and new cinematics also comes with this update.

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