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Six Temples Announces October 2019 Beta

Six Temples Beta

Camel Cup Graphics revealed that their upcoming competitive territory fantasy game, Six Temples has an upcoming beta. This Private Beta begins on October 25th, and more than 1200 players have already signed up. Sign-ups can be found below. In Six Temples, players choose from a list of ten heroes and compete on procedurally generated maps. The goal is to fight for territory among three teams of 36 players, by capturing the six temples on the map.

For the Private Beta, Six Temples offers players:

  • Three valiant heroes to choose from: The Barbarian, The Wizard, and The Mercenary
  • One full-sized dynamic map, Acropolis (tropical, semi-arid ), and a training mode, The Lookout (an arena map floating in the sky)
  • Competitive conquests in large-scale battles with three teams of 12 players
  • Temples, Shrines, and magical Artifacts hidden in the landscape for teams to locate and capture to expand their territory
  • Engaging melee and physics-based combat where you can experience real-time simulation on a mythic scale
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