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RIFT Prime Server, Vigil, Is Now Live

RIFT Prime Logo- Image

Trion Worlds fantasy MMO RIFT has just launched their first “RIFT Prime Server”, named Vigil. The massive amount of content for RIFT can all be played for a low monthly subscription fee. The server will feature absolutely no lootboxes, and reduces vastly the number of purchasables, with only cosmetics and a scarce number of services available for real-money purchases or credits. All equipment and gear are acquired through gameplay. Monthly “Community Challenges” also await where they can obtain bonus cosmetics such as mounts or costumes.┬áVigil, the first RIFT Prime server, is scheduled to be open for at least one year. Upon the end of the progression server, players will be able to migrate their character to a RIFT Live server, keeping all of the progress, items, and gear they have accumulated over their time playing through RIFT Prime.

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