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EverEmber Online Re-Releases as ‘EverEmber Reborn’ Continues Development

As EverEmber Reborn continues to be developed, the developers, Astronomical Games announced the original EverEmber Online will be re-released. EverEmber Reborn is presently in the pre-alpha phase, but EverEmber Online will be back soon enough. The game will be re-released with an open beta stress test to assess issues the users have with the game client as well as to see what the server can handle. This is scheduled to happen during the week of Thanksgiving. EverEmber Online had a calm yet optimistic release three years ago, but hosting issues and a loss of backups led to the game slowing down just a month after release.

But with a new team, a slew of new developments gave forth a housing system, mounts, members island, new quests, and so much more. The game promises more fun and new ways to enjoy. With just one global server running, all players explore a brand new world and defeat enemies together in retro nostalgia. Players can also have a shot at Beta access keys to EverEmber Reborn by playing the game and being a part of the community. The top players, as well as those who participate/win contests within EverEmber Online will receive keys. Streamers will be given various goodies as well as direct developer contact and tips for streaming.

Some of EverEmber Online’s new features include:

  • Mounts to help explore the world of EverEmber
  • New exploration and dungeon crawling quests
  • New spells
  • Rebalanced pvp and combat
  • Housing to hang out with friends
  • A new trading zone for all players to place trading booths when offline
  • New member island with new activities and goodies
  • So much more…
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