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Ragnarok Journey launched today on Game321

NGames has officially launched Ragnarok Journey, their latest MMORPG, and it’s available on the Game 321 site! Based on the original Ragnarok franchise, it makes dramatic improvements to the original game design and experience. It features unique job classes, auction house, card system, mounts and more. Players can form guilds and wield powerful magic spells against classic monsters. And for those who desire it, players can switch on autoplay and auto-pathfinding modes to make finding their next task a bit less time-consuming or tedious, as opposed to Ragnarok Online. In addition, all new players will receive an exclusive Gift Pack which offers Battle Manuals, Yggdrasil Leaves, Teleport Tickets, and Vitality Scrolls. Events will run throughout the course of the launch for great prizes. A link to try the game is below!

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