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PAX West 2016 Day One Recap

PAX West 2016 Day One Recap

For Honor (Ubisoft)

We had the opportunity to sit down [stand up, whatever] with For Honor! Sadly, our team got split and I was on an opposite team alone with little idea on what to do. The tutorial helped and in no time I was a Samurai, wielding a mighty blade and chopping people to bits! That’s what I thought anyway. The enemy team was far more skilled in working together.

For Honor PAX West 2016

Honestly? I love For Honor but the fucking controls make me angry. You have to hold L2 basically the entire game and it made me annoyed. They could make that far better if they took that out, or let you tap it once to enter the “combat mode” or lock onto your target, and tap again to cycle through enemies. The controls made me kind of frustrated, but the gameplay was top notch. You can’t lock onto the grunts, but you can swat them out of the way with impunity.

Each style of character plays different, and I’m hoping to see other classes in the factions. The Viking seemed so powerful, but you can really play the game in so many ways, depending on how you view combat. The goal of the mode we played was a Capture the Point game where there are three choke points in the middle of the castle we were vying for control of. Though we were hopelessly outclassed the combat was incredible and the action was brutal. Other than the recommendation that they adjust the wonky controls, they put together a fantastic take on team-based combat.

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