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MapleStory M Starter Guide

MapleStory M Monster Carnival Banner

MapleStory M launched on July 24, 2018, and has been globally popular with over 10 million downloads in its first 100 days! The game continues to expand, and has recently released its new Monster Carnival dungeon. To help you get in the game, we’ve partnered with MapleStory M to provide six great tips!

Back to basics! How do controls in MapleStory M work?

  • Move: Use the joypad on the right side of the screen to easily move left and right. Hang on to ropes and ladders by pressing the jump button simultaneously. To jump down platforms, simply press together the down and jump buttons.
  • Battle: Register 4 skills around the sword button on the right side of the screen and use to perform attacks.
  • Items: Register frequently used items such as HP/MP potions to help protect characters by using the Hotkey button found above the Skill button.
  • Auto-battle: For a mobile-friendly experience, you can also simply press the “Auto” button on the left bottom corner of the screen to slay down monsters automatically!

Explore Maple World with Pets!

  • Normal Pets: Normal pets have basic “Item Pick” skills. Each type of pet has different skills and adds different stats depending on its function, so it is important to pick the right pet for the situation!
  • Mount Pets: Mount Pets are great for quick and easy travelling throughout Maple World! There are two types of mount pets: normal and air vehicles. You can see your character fly across the screen when riding air vehicle mount pets.

MapleStory M Monster Carnival

Who will be the ultimate champion? The fight begins now: Monster Carnival

  • Monster Carnival is a new dungeon where players can team up to compete with one another to defeat the most monsters.
  • Players must conquer Ludibrium while slaying waves of invading monsters.
  • By winning the Monster Carnival, players will be rewarded the Epic/Unique Spiegelmann’s Necklace and Spiegelmann’s Chaos Necklace.
  • Players can earn Carnival Points by defeating monsters, and can use that to send waves of monsters to the opposing team or cast buffs to strengthen their own
  • It will be crucial to find the right teammate as the Monster Carnival is a 2v2 battle!

 MapleStory M Three Explorers

On January 24, MapleStory M introduced 3 new Explorer classes, including the Hero, Shadower, and Arch Mage Ice/Lightning. With these new classes, even more diverse gameplay is possible now!

MapleStory M Hero Gameplay Screenshot

Hero: A warrior who maximizes damage with internal rage!

  • The Hero is a dream for any player who enjoys Warrior classes. He is a melee explorer who uses two-handed weapons for combat.
  • An exceptional warrior, the Hero stacks combo points each time he attacks with a two-handed sword/axe to deal huge damage.
  • Developer’s special tip for the Hero lies in his special combo system. The Hero class can deal massive damage by performing skills in a specific order. For example, using “Cry Valhalla” and “Rising Rage” followed by “Raging Blow” will deal much more damage than using “Raging Blow” alone. These Hyper skills will be available starting level 140.
  • This particular class is loved in boss runs because of its ability to deal huge damage to one enemy.

MapleStory M Shadower Gameplay Screenshot

Shadower: A thief who steals mesos to strike enemies!

  • The Shadower’s biggest charm is its ability to use various skills that utilize “mesos” as a weapon form. This class shows different results depending on the order of the skill execution!

The biggest tip for using Shadower lies in his 3-step skill execution:

  • 1st Step: Use buff skills like “Shadow Partner” and “Smokescreen” to weaken the enemy
  • 2nd Step: Stack 3 Kill Points
  • 3rd Step: Use “Assassinate” to deal powerful damage to the enemy
  • Shadower is the thief of the thieves
    • Shadower moves in secrecy, remaining calm even when executing flashy skills and being swiftly followed by Shadow Partner.
    • Using “Pick Pocket” to steal mesos from the enemy and then using those mesos for “Meso Explosion” will present a thrill that is different from using “Assassinate.”

MapleStory M Arch Mage Gameplay Screenshot

Arch Mage Ice/Lightning: Jack-of-all-Trades of the Mages!

  • Arch Mage Ice/Lightning, was the most anticipated class according to a MapleStory M community survey.
  • A mage who uses Ice and Lighting elements to present grandiose magic skills, this is a well-balanced class who does not lack in hunting, raids, or buffs.
  • Arch Mage Ice/Lightning is a top field-hunter with the skill “Chain Lightning,” which has a large area-of-effect. This class is capable of clearing most of the map by using “Teleport” and “Chain Lightning” at the right moments.
  • Arch Mage Ice/Lightning Tip! Deal high damage to monsters by “icing” them with ice elementals and then attacking with “Lightning Spear” or “Chain Lightning” for powerful lightning attacks.


MapleStory M will release tons of new content in 2019. New characters, heroes, dungeons, pets, and cosmetic items will continue to be revealed over the course of the year including many events, so please stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

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