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Forsaken World Closed Beta Phase 3 & 4 Announced

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Forsaken World is Perfect World Entertainment’s first free MMORPG based on Western mythology. It’s also a highly anticipated game that’s currently in its second phase of closed beta testing. Many gamers were disappointed when they couldn’t get into the first or second phases, but now PWE has announced phased 3 and 4 which will accommodate a larger pool of testers.

This Poor Dragon is Chained

Phase three will launch on January 12, 2011 at the latest. It will increase the level cap and add content up to level 50. Other features like the marketplace (cash shop) will be enabled for testing, and testers will receive premium currency to play with. The userbase will also double in phase three, meaning more of the users who received closed beta keys will be able to try the game out.

Phase four will follow phase three, but no exact date is given yet. Phase 4 will begin some time in late February or early March. That means Forsaken World still has at least two more months of testing before its ready for open beta. Perfect World is putting a lot of effort into the game, and its definitely one of their biggest releases yet.

Lots of People Want to Join the Beta

Besides Forsaken World, PWE offers several other f2p MMORPGs including Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga Online, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Battle of the Immortals, and Legend of Martial Arts.

Full Release:

Phase 3 of CB testing will start on January 12th at the latest. Depending on how things proceed for Phase 2 updates, this date could be substantially pushed forward.

Phase 3 will open up a new array of stuff to test, including:

Content up to level 50.

The marketplace will be enabled for testing, with all testers provided free FW marketplace currency to spend/sell/fill a swimming pool with. This currency will only be usable in the FW closed beta and will not transfer to any other PWE titles.

The size of the userbase with CB access will double between now and then.

As mentioned in the earlier info thread, Phase 4 will begin immediately after Phase 3, and will mark the point at which all players with a redeemed beta key will be able to test Forsaken World before it is officially launched. There will be a data wipe at the start of this phase. Phase 4 is still part of the closed beta, and is not the official launch of the game.

Hopefully this clears up some questions a lot of people have been posting, primarily whether Phase 4 is still part of the closed beta period or not (it is). Any further questions/etc, post away.

Hey everyone, I’m opening this thread to shed some light on the future of the Forsaken World closed beta. Ideally, I aim to clarify a few key points – specifically how long the beta phase period is going to last, the point at which everyone with a redeemed key will be capable of playing, and a couple other important topics.

First off, there will be Phase 3 immediately following Phase 2. This third phase will follow the same general path of the first two phases – that is, random selection for participation, increasing the level cap again to introduce new testing content, etc.

This may not be new information to some people, but I’ll be getting to that here now.

There will be a Phase 4. Phase 4 will launch around late February, or early march at the latest. Phase 4 will be the phase upon which every single person with a redeemed beta key will be able to log in and play Forsaken World. Another key piece of information: There will be a data wipe upon the launch of Phase 4. Every player at this point in the testing phase will start on an even playing field.

The reason for the data wipe is because at this point in the testing process, we want to have all of the content that was initially released at the start of phase 1 tested en-masse once again. Additionally, there will be a large variety of new content available that was previously not there for the low to mid level range.

At this point, the auction house will also be implemented and functional. We definitely want to have that aspect tested rigorously. Beyond that, there will also be a few really big things added to FW that I can’t go into detail about just yet. I’ll be spamming threads about these new unannounced updates as soon as I am able to, because they’re really cool.

Ok, long thread is long. I hope that having a semi clear cut date that everyone with a beta key can expect to play will help alleviate some concerns some people are having. We’re working hard to make FW as polished as it possibly can be before we exit the CB period, and are thankful for both everyone that is both currently and will in the future be testing the game.

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