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Old School RuneScape Mobile Enters Members’ Beta

OldSchool Runescape 5th Anniversary - Image

Old School RunesScape Mobile is entering their members’ beta, and every RuneScape and Old School member is going to get access to it. It’s a part of a staggered rollout following a limited test rollout yesterday. The cap was reached in just two hours, and the members’ beta will go live today, opening it up to enable a further 250,000 subscribers. Over the coming weeks, access will be scaled up to give every subscribed player the opportunity to continue their Old School RuneScape journey on Android devices while sat at home on the sofa, during the commute, in the canteen, and even in flight, leaving no excuse for XP waste. When it launches later this year, Old School RuneScape Mobile will have the first mainstream Western MMO to deliver the complete MMO experience across both mobile and PC platforms, letting players jump seamlessly between the two devices.

“Since announcing our plans to bring both RuneScape games to mobile, the community has been clamouring to get their hands on the titles. Old School RuneScape Mobile has been running 24/7 in invite-only closed beta for the past couple of months, and, with development progressing really well, we wanted to share this progress with the most important people: our members. That begins now and, soon, every Old School and RuneScape subscriber will have access to Old School mobile – the next stage of bringing two of the world’s most popular online RPGs to the world’s most popular gaming platforms”

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