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EVE Online Players Gate Crash the Guardian’s Gala

Eve Online Guardian's Gala Event - Image

As of today, players in EVE Online can join in the Guardian’s Gala to fight off the pirates of New Eden for exclusive rewards. The Guardian’s Gala is the Serpentis Corporation’s annual gathering to celebrate its criminal enterprises. Pilots can help law enforcement fight New Eden’s underworld gangs by crashing this party, with successful raids against EVE’s vile drug cartels requiring quick thinking on optimal strategies. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the New Eden Store will also exclusively offer the “Eros Blossom Fireworks” and the desirable “Eros Blossom SKIN” on selected spaceship hulls (Aeon, Wyvern, Thanatos, Nidhoggur, Dramiel, Cynabal, and Machariel) for the duration of the Guardian’s Gala event. This update also brought with it widespread changes to the operation of player-owned structures (Citadels) with the introduction of Upwell Structures 2.0.

“In response to CSM and community feedback, we’ve made sizable quality-of-life improvements to Upwell structures in New Eden,” said Paul Elsy, Community Manager of EVE Online. “With these changes, capsuleers across the cluster will benefit from more balanced reinforcement timers, improved structure takedown and combat mechanics, as well as more evenly scaled reinforcement and destruction mechanics.”

The Guardian’s Gala pirate party will run from February 13-27, and can be found via The Agency in-game.

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