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Spacetime Studios Announces New Game: Pocket Legends Adventures

“Seven years ago we released the world’s first 3D mobile MMO, Pocket Legends.” said Gary Gattis, CEO. “Today we are thrilled to announce Pocket Legends Adventures, a charming homage with all new mechanics in a familiar setting.”

Spacetime Studios has announced their next title, Pocket Legends Adventures, an epic, exciting multiplayer RPG for iOS and Android platforms. Boasting real-time combat and a unique skill-based advancement system, and tons of single-player content, Pocket Legends Adventures aims to take the mobile role-playing experience to a whole new level. Spacetime Studios significantly advanced their proprietary game engine animation and rendering technologies to show off the latest high-end mobile hardware, including squash-and-stretch animation, real-time ambient occlusion, post-processing effects, advanced lighting, and custom shaders. The result is a family-friendly game with a sleek, whimsical look and feel. Game mechanics are casual but allow for deep character specialization, so players will be able to experiment with a wide variety of builds to fit their play style without sacrificing their favoritelooks. Simple Interested parties can learn more about the Closed Beta in the link below.

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