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Hyper Universe Unveils the latest Hyper, Curse Eye

Hyper Universe - Curse Eye Update - Main Image

Curse Eye is the latest Hyper to hit the battlefield of Hyper Universe, and they come with a double-dose of personality! Whether you want to support your team or go aggressive and turn your foes into stone, and you can select either personality! If he’s cheerful, Curse Eye offers heals and buffs. If agitated, he opts for an offensive kit, unleashing tantrums on the other team! In addition, the Founders Pack is 20% off until October 9th, at 10am PDT! There are a variety of balance changes in this patch, such as reduction of CC effects, and 10 new new itemsĀ (such as Cursed Sword, Super pRecision Rail Gun, and Frost Cape) have been added that every Hyper can equip. In general, a rebalance of gold-generating items occurred, offering better late-game efficiency. The final news is that for the next two weekends, events offer new cubes, Emotion and Skin. These contain either emotion/emotion samples, or skins/skin samples. The Skin Cube weekend is Oct. 7-8, and Emotion Cube weekend is Oct. 14-15, so don’t miss out!

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