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Lords Online adds PvP Arena

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In yet another celebration of the World Cup series, Lords Online is adding a ranked PvP arena in the 1.5 update.

Players can pit their heroes against each other in the arena, and registration for each day’s match will take place between 6 am and 12 noon. At 2pm the matches begin, and matches run until the final match at 9pm. There are five level ranges for the arena, with 20 levels in each range. Reputation is awarded for signing up, winning matches, and for the final match.

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The Original Press Release:

Lords Online Opens a Fresh PvP Arena for World Cup

To celebrate World Cup, Lords Online will add the new PVP Arena to the version1.5. The arena is a place where players can pit their heroes against each other in IGG’s game of expansion and heroic combat. Whenever the arena is upgraded, your hero will be granted an additional 5% experience when defeating a monster or emerging victorious from combat. Players can sign up at the arena and participate in PVP battles to obtain Reputation and record achievements. After registering, you will receive some Reputation.

PVP Contests
Each day there will be a complete round of PVP Contests held in the PVP Arena. On the day of the contest, registration will take place from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM. At 2:00 PM the Knockout matches will begin, followed at 4:00 PM by the second round of Knockouts. At 6:00 PM are the quarterfinals, followed by the semifinals at 8:00 PM and the finals at 9:00 PM.

Each player may send one hero to participate at a time. The PVP Contest has 5 ranks based on level range (1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 and 81-100). Players can sign their hero up for a specific rank match. When a player signs up, the system will automatically record their hero’s level, HP and equipment, so the hero must be ready for battle at the time of registration.

The first round consists of auto PVP and is a one-and-done affair, so when a hero loses, they are out, and the winner moves on. Winners will continue to be paired up with new opponents, but must fight with the HP they have left after the previous battle. For the quarterfinals heroes can fight with their full amount of HP as recorded during registration. Players can choose to directly command their hero in PVP starting with the 2nd Knockout round.

Viewing PVP Results
After a match ends, a hero’s PVP Results are posted on the Reports page. The PVP Results (from the Knockouts to the Finals) will be announced and open for all players to view. The PVP Results will be kept up for viewing until the results of the next round are available.

PVP Rewards
Players receive 2 Reputation just for signing up, plus 1 extra Reputation for winning a match. Those who enter the Knockouts will receive 5 extra Reputation, 5 more Reputation for getting to the 2nd Knockout round, 5 Reputation for the quarterfinals, 5 Reputation for the semifinals, and 10 Reputation for being named the Champion.

Join the fun today and experience the new PVP Arena and many other exciting features as IGG works hard to make Lords Online one of the best games around.

Visit to learn more about the new version.

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