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Dauntless Details Epic Games Store Migration and Hunt Pass Season Two

Dauntless Ostian Repeaters Artwork

Phoenix Labs has announced details on how players will be able to manage their Dauntless account through the Epic Games store patcher. The move is part of the “One Dauntless” vision to have a cross-play experience uniting players across PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and later mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Players can continue to play through the existing Dauntless patcher for now, but it will be retired in the coming months as Dauntless shifts to being exclusively available through the Epic Games store. Dauntless will also incorporate Epic Games’ Support-a-Creator program.

Phoenix Labs has also released Dauntless Hunt Pass Season Two and the Saint’s Bond celebration event. The season includes a brand new set of limited time rewards, and two rewards tracks for those participating in the Season until March 13. More information is at the link below.

Edit (January 31, 2019):

There has been some confusion regarding Dauntless’ arrival onto the Epic Games store, so we wanted to clarify a few items. First off, account linking will be an opt-in process – no one will have their account linked without their participation. Phoenix Labs hadn’t specifically called this out in the FAQ, and will communicate this more clearly going forward.
During the process, Phoenix Labs is not sharing any personal info with Epic. People who opt in will use an email and password to login, and whether or not that’s the email they use for Dauntless it won’t affect the linking process.
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