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Cross Fire introduces Hero Mode X

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A new mode has arrived in Cross Fire, and it goes by “Hero Mode X.”

The mode lets players control one of two new characters: Xeno, an electric alien, or Commando, who dual-wields kukris. This mode boasts three new ribbons for players to earn, and includes two maps – Mansion and Rooftops. The update also introduces six new weapons (Remington 870 shotgun, Rx4 Storm assault rifle, tiger-striped AWM sniper rifle, camo-skinned QBZ95, and alternate gold-skin MG3 machine gun), plus an assortment of other new equipment.  Through February 5, players can also earn weapons and items just by playing.

Cross Fire is published by Z8 Games.

Cross Fire Hero Mode X Screenshots:

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New Mode Pits Aliens against Commandos with Players Deciding the Outcome

Toronto, CANADA – February 2nd, 2012 -G4BOX Inc., a North American publisher and distributor of interactive online entertainment media, released today an update for its free-to-play military shooter, Cross Fire. The free update features the new Hero Mode X, which puts players in control of one of two new playable characters: the electricity-equipped alien “Xeno”, or the dual kukri-wielding Commando. The update also packs 6 new weapons and 3 new ribbons to earn for your player profile, in addition to a variety of new equipment items. To mark the release of this exciting new mode, Z8Games will be hosting events through February 5th in which players can earn new weapons and items, just for playing. For current players, the update will download automatically upon launching Cross Fire. New players can download and play the game for free from:

The electricity-infused alien, Xeno, has landed. Under its leadership, Mutants everywhere are now united towards the goal of conquering Earth! To combat the alien threat, an elite squad of super Commandos armed with dual Kukri’s and a no fear attitude has risen up. Play as either Xeno or Commando in the new Hero Mode X and earn three new ribbons to show off on your profile as a symbol of your participation in Earth’s final battle! Hero Mode X debuts with two maps: the multi-level “Mansion”, and the gritty, suburban “Rooftops”.

The Hero Mode X update also includes six new weapons: a Remington 870 shotgun, an RX4 Storm assault rifle, a tiger-striped AWM sniper rifle, a camo-skinned QBZ95, and an MG3 machine gun with an alternate gold-skin variant. These weapons are available via the in-game Store and Black Market.

For a full rundown of the new Hero Mode X, including patch events and ribbons, visit the official update page here:

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