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Lord of the Rings Online Update 10 Teaser

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Turbine has announced new details for the upcoming Update 10 release for The Lord of the Rings Online, with all new dungeons announced.

The Bells of Dale pits six players against the Easterlings as they assault the Kingdom of Dale.  By helping Brand ring the city bells and hold the line against the enemy forces, players will give time to help the townsfolk escape safely into Erebor.

The Road to the Lonely Mountain raid instance challenges twelve players to protect the people they rescued from Dale as they flee to the Lonely Mountain.  Be warned, however, as the enemies seek to crush the defenders before a prolonged siege can take place at the ancient dwarven stronghold.

The Fires of Smaug once again pits twelve players to break the hold the Easterlings have with their siege.  They have constructed a pyre near one of the mountain vents that billows dark, noxious gas inside the stronghold.  Destroy the pyre before it’s too late!

Finally, The Battle for Erebor ends the siege, as word reaches that the One Ring has been destroyed.  Determined not to fail, however, the enemy have issued a challenge to the greatest heroes of the stronghold.  The only way to drive the Easterlings from the North is to slay the towering Olog-Hai!

In addition to the instance and raids, several instances now scale to accomodate players from levels 65-85.  The Ost Dunhoth raid has been split and balanced into three separate encounters to preserve the challenge, yet enabling players to complete it in the order they choose.

Turbine also publishes Dungeons and Dragons Online.

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