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Black Dessert – First Look (Early Access)

Black Desert is an ambitious project that seeks to create a sandbox style MMORPG world. Several classes are available for you to choose from, each with different playstyles. The game’s combat system focuses more on action than anything, meaning player skill goes a long way in being successful.
Clearly this isn’t a First Look on Black Desert but rather Black Dessert which is the closest thing we could get… plus its April Fool’s Day so… you know… we have to do silly crap like this! Take a look at our past April fools stuff here:
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Also check for at least one other prank….
…But seriously Black Desert is currently in closed beta in Korea and soon Russia (this spring) with 7 playable characters. There is going to be a NA/EU version of the game and that beta is actually not as far off as we might have expected.

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