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The Alchemist Code and Brave Frontier Collide In Special Mega Crossover

Brave Frontier and The Alchemist Code Crossover - Main Image

The worlds of The Alchemist Code and Brave Frontier are colliding in a special mega crossover collaboration. This adds new Limited-Edition Crossover Heroes to the game’s ranks. Players are able to challenge and acquire the main protagonists from crossover titles and enjoy amazing rewards as a result. It will be held from December 7th through 20th, after The Alchemist Code Launch Celebrations. To earn the attractive cross-milestone rewards, players of The Alchemist Code are to complete the corresponding milestone targets set in Brave Frontier and vice versa. Selena, the swordswoman and one of the fabled Six heroes from Brave Frontier are available in The Alchemist Code, as well as Chloe and Lofia. Vargas from The Alchemist Code moves to Brave Frontier in Babel, and any who are strong enough to battle him can earn his help. Logi is also free, simply by clearing the Vortex Dungeon “Love Never Fades” in Brave Frontier, and Vargas/Selena’s master skills can be unlocked by equipping them with their legendary swords. Of course, this will also come with a helpful array of login bonuses in both games.

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