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Yoozoo Games Announces League of Angels 4th Anniversary Event

League of Angels 4th Anniversary - Main Image

Yoozoo Games is proud to announce that they have reached their fourth anniversary of League of Angels and is celebrating in style. From 7th until 12th December, players can gain numerous rewards by participating in the 4th Anniversary Event Tycoon. In order to gain Tycoon Points and be ranked on the list, players need to collect certain items by completing daily quests and additional special events. The higher the ranking, the greater the rewards. Top-ranked players can even unlock the latest Angel Medea. In addition, each day at 2 pm and 10 pm (server time), the point leaders will be determined, and prizes will be awarded accordingly. The grand prize will be issued at the end of the event. There will also be a Happy Birthday Event that takes place during this same week, and players can unwrap birthday gifts and receive Homestead Decorations. These ornaments are precious items that can be used to decorate and in turn, increase a character’s Battle Rating. There’s also a limited-time offer in Dec. 14th, where each recharge of one Diamond grants an additional Golden Leaf, the amount which resets daily during the event time. 4th Anniversary Equipment will also be issued from the 11th through the 15th of December in the Hot Events section.

Other anniversary events featured during this month will include Lucky Capsule, House of Card, Djinni’s Merchant (All from 9th until 12th December), Angel’s Party (From 10th until 12th December), and Wheel of Luck (From 13th until 15th December).

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