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Akaneiro puts Spicy Horse Studios in debt

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As the crowd-funding train keeps on rolling, one particular game studio ends up being set back despite their recent success on Kickstarter. Spicy Horse Studios, the indie develpoers behind Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, is now $1.7 million dollars in debt.


“In total, around 360 man-months have gone towards development, bringing our investment in dollars to nearly $2 million USD. In that same period, we’ve generated roughly 300kUSD in revenue – this includes funds collected via the Kickstarter campaign, F2P purchases in-game, and one-time purchases via Steam. In simple math: We’ve spent $2 million, we’ve made $300k, we’re “in the hole” $1.7 million.”

Due to this, the development team will be downsized and the development for the game will be moving in at a snail’s pace.

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