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Ever wished Minecraft was a real, randomly generated MMO that renewed and changed as time went on? Trove wants to make that wish come true.

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Publisher: Trion Worlds
Playerbase: Medium (Alpha)
Graphics: High
EXP Rate: Fast
PvP: ??
Filesize: N/A (Development)

Pros: +Regenerating and random worlds and dungeons. +Customizable world of your own. +Worlds adapt and change to player actions. +Unique classes to choose. +Player designed items. +Community driven.

Cons: -Limited information available.

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Trove Overview

Trove is a voxel-based adventure MMORPG from Trion. In the same style as Minecraft, players can break down the world into resources and reuse these resources to build not only their own worlds and homes, but to craft gear. Quests send players into worlds that disappear or renew as time goes on. Players can easily swap classes and abilities to adapt to ever-changing worlds.



If you seek truth, justice, and a finely chiseled jaw, unsheathe your sword as a stalwart Knight. Gleaming armor and pointed sword have never looked this square.

Active: Smash – Cone attack for moderate damage and heavy knockback.
Active: Charge – Charge forward and deal moderate damage.
Ultimate: Iron Will – Restore all health and reduce incoming damage.
Passive: Retribution – Upon taking damage charges the next attack with extra power.


When you’re armed with six-shooters, serapes, and a rakishly angled hat, the possibilities are nearly endless… and endlessly handsome.

Charge Shot - Hold to charge up a powerful area of effect blast.
Blast Jump - Deal moderate area damage and shoot yourself into the sky.
Ultimate: Run and Gun Shoot faster, move faster, and shooting no longer slows you.
Passive: Lucky Shot Randomly on dealing damage fully charges next charged shot.

Fae Trickster

The magic damage dealer ranged fairy. Is it a he? Is it a she? Or maybe an it? Who knows, but I am sure we can all agree on the fact that it can carry a beast of a staff!

Active: Blink - Teleport forward, leaving a decoy behind.
Active: Glitter Bomb - Throw a shiny bomb which deals moderate area damage.
Ultimate: Faeire Dance - Summon 3 dancing and shooting staves to attack your enemies.
Passive: Ego Blast Charges basic attacks if no damage was taken recently.


With their pet dragon on one hand, and their trusty staff in the other, the Dracolyte brings the pain to entire packs of enemies at once.

Active: Spit Fire - Your familiar spits a fireball if he’s been charged up enough.
Active: Burnt Offering - Throws a Dragon Idol that must be hit 4 times to detonate.
Ultimate: Avatar of Flame - Transform into a living embodiment of draconic fury.
Passive: Fire Walking Run swiftly through lava without being harmed (much).

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Trove Review

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Trove Videos

Trove – First Look

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Trove System Requirements

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