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Warframe Launches ‘Nightwave’ Update on All Platforms

Digital Extremes is proud to launch the latest update for Warframe today – and for the first time, it will drop on all platforms at once. Nightwave is a new ongoing radio broadcast built on immediate story-infused gameplay and is available today. Tenno listening to Nightwave will experience the rebellious, smoky smooth allure of host Nora Night, the mysterious character whose rogue radio transmissions kick off the first series today with episode one of The Wolf of Saturn Six. Players will discover new enemies and backstory and earn unique rewards to upgrade their Arsenal as they rise through the Reward Tiers.

Nightwave rewards are exclusive and time-sensitive – players can only get them during the duration of the Series. These range from Power items – Orokin Catalysts, a new currency called Wolf Cred, and sought-after Weapon/Warframe slots. These rewards can also include Forma Bundles, and time-sensitive Cosmetics (Armor Set, Syandana and Noggle) just to name a few things. Once the first series The Wolf of Saturn Six reaches its conclusion, a new one will begin, with an all-new storyline, incentives and exclusive rewards specific to it.

In a huge bonus specifically for Nintendo Switch players, The Wolf of Saturn Six update will contain even more content! Nintendo Switch players will get the intense boss battle and additional content of Fortuna: The Profit Taker, and we’ll debut TennoGen, the Digital Extremes-approved, community-created content players love to own.

Nintendo players will receive three TennoGen Bundles in all, including:


  • Nova Visage Skin
  • Mirage Morgaine Skin
  • Trinity Knightess Skin
  • Ember Graxx Skin
  • Saryn Graxx Skin


  • Volt Zener Skin
  • Wukong Auman Skin
  • Loki Incubus Skin
  • Excalibur Apex Skin
  • Rhino Mastodon Skin
  • Harrow Graxx Skin


  • Naru Syandana
  • Mithra Heavy Blade Skin
  • Rhino Teutonic Helmet
  • Loki Ersatz Helmet
  • Loki Rogue Helmet
  • Mesa Falcon Helmet
  • Nova Tachyon Helmet
  • Wukong Xingzhe Helmet
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