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MapleStory Brings Retro-Themed Arcade Adventures in March

MapleStory is bringing the Retro World Event to life starting in March 2019. The Retro World Event will last from March 6th until April 9th, 2019 for characters level 61 and above. 8-bit pixel worlds await, where they can hunt monsters, collect coins, and practice their dodging/jumping. There will also be two mini-games to provide training for the challenges of Retro World. Demon King’s Tower is a dungeon that is set into four stages that players must also complete before doing battle with the Demon King boss.

MapleStory also invites players to strap on their best detective hats and trench coats in the Detective Rave’s Case Notes theme dungeon where characters level 175 or higher can embark on an adventurous journey with master investigator Detective Rave. Players will be tasked with uncovering the villainous plot in the lawless city of Savage Terminal as they defeat new monsters. Players who complete the dungeon will receive Detective Rave’s Honorary Assistant medal.

Retro World event starting on March 6 includes:

  • Promote the Game!: Players will be able to hunt monsters near their level to retrieve Retro World Promo Coupons and receive coins for a special reward.

  • Eliminate Bug Monsters!: Retro World monsters will begin to appear in Maple World. Players who eliminate the monsters can acquire EXP, mesos, and coins.

  • Call of the Goddess: Maplers can learn a special event skill from the ancient Retro World Goddess. As they use this skill, players will be able to earn additional coins after eliminating monsters

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