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Travian Games and Portalarium have released a new update for the online RPG, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. Release 54 offers two new adventure zones in the form of Upper Tears and Shaminian Hills as well as a new town, Westend. There are 20 other locations that have also been updated with new conversations, books, quest improvements as well as more traps. The overall story has been polished and additional side quests have been added, offering more balance and new dialogue to the game. As well, Companions in Offline Mode have been upgraded with more abilities and are more powerful as the party levels up and are more aware to the dangers of their surroundings. Release 54 also has more recipes and patterns to craft in the game, and the Undead now have more forces, in pirate-like Skeleton Plunderers. Ice wolves and the Crown Merchant were also adjusted and polished. Of course, there are also improvements made to the actual game, such as frame rates and load times. Further details can be found below.

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