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War Thunder: Update 1.85 – Supersonic

Get ready for an all-new experience in War Thunder – as of Update 1.85, Supersonic Jets will appear in the game! In addition, Italian ground forces, guided air-to-air missiles, and much more are hitting War Thunder’s shores. With Update 1.85, Aviation in War Thunder has seen the dawn of a new era of air combat. The game’s previous five ranks of aircraft have been extended by the new top Rank VI, which will house several new near- and supersonic aircraft armed with guided air-to-air missiles. The first modern jet fighters to join War Thunder will be the American F-100D Super Sabre, the British Gloster Javelin Mk 9 and the Soviet MiG-19PT. Combat at supersonic speed will be subject to War Thunder’s realistic physics model, allowing players to observe the cone-shaped vapor cloud and those on the ground to hear the characteristic “sonic boom”.

Almost thirty Italian vehicles also arrive in this update, from the 1930s to the end of the Cold War, are also available now. This includes the Breda 501, the B1 Centauro, which are both excellent examples of Italy’s engineering capabilities. The anti-aircraft tank OTOMATIC is also sure to please Italian tankers on higher ranks, as its fast and powerful 76mm cannon with both sabot and proximity-fuse shells can punish enemy tanks and aircraft equally efficiently. For the other nations, the new vehicles include the long-awaited T-72A main battle tank for the Soviet Union, the ATGM-equipped infantry fighting vehicles M3 Bradley and Type 89 for United States and Japan respectively, as well as the Israeli Sho’t Kal Dalet, a modified Centurion tank available for Great Britain.

New locations also arrive in War Thunder, such as Vietnam. It brings a battlefield for tankers with thick vegetation, narrow paths and coastal villages which were popularized in Vietnam War films. Pilots can now dogfight over the skies of ‘Afghanistan’, depicting a modern-day version of the mountainous state featuring big cities among vast mountain ranges, while captains will be able to go to battle around the ‘Tierra del Fuego’ archipelago at the border of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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