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KurtzPel K.I.B. – Volume 3

KurtzPel has a ton of new content coming, and Volume 3 of the KurtzPel Intelligence Briefing is here to give you the scoop. This update adds the first heavy-hitting, heal and support Karma Weapon, the ‘Sacred Guardian’. Provided by Lime, this new NPC is here and offers the first Support weapon. This weapon can be purchased on Steam, or for free through an in-game method. Players will collect CP and AP to purchase it. The ‘Sacred Guardian Starter Pack’ unlocks the three missions related to Lime in the mission map. After completing the missions, players can play to receive additional rewards, such as costumes, Karma Crystals, and more depending on their affinity with the NPC, Lime.

This update will also include a Massive Balance update; comprised of feedback provided directly by KurtzPel’s dedicated players, and in tandem with the Dev Team via the Eltheca Proving Ground, a closed test server where players and developers provide feedback on everything from game balance to features, interface layout, and game concepts. Additional features being added in the update include three epically immersive Lime-themed PvE Missions, a Field-of-Vision Slider that tailors the game experience better for players, and an additional Accessory drop for all existing PvE Bosses.

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