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Knights Chronicle – 1st Anniversary Special Update Teaser

Knights Chronicle has a special update for their first anniversary. Players receive 7800 crystals for 7 days, as well as the Yo-Kai Watch collaboration. Netmarble is collaborating with LEVEL-5 Inc. to bring some fan-favorite Yo-Kai Watch characters to the game. This will go on until July 2nd and offer Jibanyan, Komasan, Komajiro, and Hoverryan as potential summons. For those who want to defeat and collect the YO-Kai Blizzaria, there is the all-new Advent Dungeon. On the dungeon front, there are new Labyrinth Dungeons, which have three stages to challenge and conquer. Those who journey there must choose Heroes carefully, by examining a stage’s enemies and rewards, since they won’t be able to join other Labyrinth Dungeons until it is refreshed.

Knights Chronicle players can also look forward to the following:

  • New Awakenings for Electra and Edwin – Both Electra and Edwin can now be awoken by using growth materials and a six★ version of either hero to achieve increased statistics, a new Awakened Passive skill upon reaching max Awakening level, and a new in-game appearance.
  • First-Year Anniversary Event – By playing the newly added ‘Blizzaria’ Advent Dungeon, players can acquire ‘1 Year Anniversary Summon Tickets’, which can be used to summon individual Heroes.
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