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Paladins Unleashes Atlas, The Man Out Of Time in Future’s End

Evil Mojo Games have continued their story campaign with this latest update of Paladins, Future’s End. With it comes Atlas, the Man out of Time. Atlas comes from a dark future, where everything has been consumed by horrific darkness, and he must fight to survive every day. Atlas studied crystal magic and worked on the mastery of time itself, so he could travel back to avoid this terrible fate. Now in the present day, he works to prevent the world from meeting that terrible fate.

Atlas can also use crystal magic on the battlefield. He can create walls that slow down enemy projectiles and remove foes from reality itself using his ultimate. His gun arm is a one-of-a-kind weapon that has four styles of shooting, depending on the charge time. Todays’ video goes over his kit, and what players can expect from this new champion. The Battle Byte Battle Pass also comes in this update, with 8-bit retro themed cosmetics, such as Battle Byte Inara and Fernando. Future’s End continues the current story, and players will find themselves battling on the Shattered Desert map, which was introduced in the last update, in a limited-time game mode.

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