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Crusaders Quest – Goblin Slayer Collaboration Teaser

Hangames is teaming up with the Goblin Slayer anime to add 7 characters from Goblin Slayer to Crusaders Quest. Check out this teaser to see what’s to come. Crusaders Quest’s new update in collaboration with Goblin Slayer will be available from June 13th to June 27th . Seven event hero characters—Goblin Slayer, Lizardman Priest, Dwarf Shaman, High Elf Archer, Priestess, Sword
Maiden, and Spearman—and their Soulbound Weapons will be available for the players.

There will also be a variety of events, like the Collaboration Event Dungeon where users must defeat the Goblin Lord’s army. This dungeon will open five times a day, and Books of Inheritance and Weapon Option Selection Tickets are rewards.  There will also be an Attendance Event where over a two-week period, users can receive Skin Selection Tickets and Goblin’s Treasure, which contains Books of Inheritance and Gold.  Finally, users can complete “Limited Quests” that  are only available during the event period, to receive new Hero Home items, ‘Adventurer’s Guild Reception Desk with Guild Girls’ and ‘Cow Girl with Hand Cart’ as rewards.

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