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Ghastly Ghouls Invade Warframe during Holiday Update

Warframe: Plains of Eidolon is seeing a hoilday event in “Ghoul Purge Bounties”. A four-pack of Grineer Ghouls born from sacks in the earth have appeared, each with unique attack patterns and new weapons.  These disgusting new Grineer include the Rictus Ghoul, who wields a deadly, ridable buzz saw; the Auger Ghoul, armed with dual flame-thrower that double as drills for limbs, digs down into the earth in one spot, disappears, and surfaces in another for a surprise attack; the Devourer Ghoul, a hideous, fat, pustule-laden beast with a lengthy tongue, spiked fists, and a jet pack to thrust him forward to shred Tenno to bits; and the Expired Ghoul, who dons bomb-spiked gloves to beat and detonate enemies to pieces.

To counter this plague upon the Plains, Tenno can arm themselves with a handful of equally authoritative weapons. Prepare to wield the majestic Corinth, a double-barreled shotgun that’s commanding and explosive up-close; the sleek, deadly Gunsen, a steel-bladed, fan-like weapon that slices the throats of unsuspecting enemies in a mini-second; the satisfyingly brutal four-barreled Quartakk rifle; and the Grineer favorite, a compact, high fire-rate, automatic Uzi dubbed the Stubba. But even better than this, Tenno can now personalize and decorate their own Personal Quarters with an array of cool items. The Landing Craft can also be customized with a mini-stage, where you can add a host of cool Warframe figures, toys, beds wallpaper and more to make a fun diorama.

This begins today for PC.

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