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FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball – 7/24/2019 Patch Notes

The 7/24/2019 Patch for FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball adds Samurai Showdown’s second guest character, Nakoruru. Nakoruru offers a Slash and Burst style of gameplay. Slash portrays her gentle nature, and Burst mode is the opposite, where her abilities are focused on attacking the rim directly. Every player in the game can obtain Nakoruru by completing the ‘Awaken Fate’s Maiden Nakoruru’ event. There are exclusive rewards that can be obtained along the way including a special costume package created for her. Nakoruru won’t be staying on the court for long though. Players will have until August 6th to complete her quest and recruit her into their roster.

This major summer update also includes more than 10 other events and item releases for all the players to enjoy during the summer. One highlight will be the opening of Free2Land, a virtual in-game theme park.

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