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D&D Neverwinter – First Look

D&D Neverwinter – First Look

This past week I was on a mission to hop into the first game from MMOHut’s Most Wanted List of 2013, Neverwinter! And to my delight a title brought to us by the legendary devs at Cryptic Studio with the backing of the D&D franchise was far more than we could feasibly cover in one limited beta weekend. So I’m going about it in a video series starting with an overview of the game’s introduction and explanation of the combat system, traps, active dodging, and the quest system. I’ll also take you on a nice tour through the awe inspiring city of Protector’s Enclave. But this is only the beginning. Stay tuned on Facebook or subscribe to our Youtube page to be the first to know as MMOHut’s coverage of Neverwinter’s character customization and other game mechanics continues!

Part 2

In the second part of this First Look I head towards the Blacklake district to stop the impending warerat infestation ending with a battle with Fleabottom, then I saught after Karzov in the nasher headquarters. Thanks for watching and look forward to more coverage on Neverwinter (Character Creation/Race Selection/Foundry) during the next closed beta weekend.

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