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Crowfall’s ‘Fortunes of War’ Update Releases

Crowfall has a new update now available in the game, with The Fortunes of War (Update 5.100). This update’s focus is centered around items and equipment, and two major features also come in this update. The Embargo System is the heart of this update and allows players more freedom than before. Players are no longer shackled to a server, and can freely move between worlds, each of which has a unique map and unique monsters, resources, and rules. With the Embargo system, characters can take their items and equipment seamlessly between worlds, but it does come with a cost.

The Embargo System lets players make challenging but viable choices, as moving to higher-risk PVP worlds will provide greater quality items and resources, but to leave the world with those rewards, you must be in a winning guild or faction. The embargo also provides a way to gate items that are brought into/taken out of each world. Crowfall, with that in mind, can support unique Campaigns restricted by character level, race or class, and equipment restrictions. This includes making campaigns where only Wood Elves/High Elves/Half-Elves can be played, or a “Survivor” campaign, where players can only bring in a single tool and must forage to survive.

Magic Loot also drops on monsters as well. In addition to their crafting system, players can also collect materials, resources, and magical items by defeating War Tribes across the Crowfall worlds.  Looted items can also be sold to vendors as a way to generate gold or sacrificed to the Gods for bonus experience points to shortcut their (already lightning-fast) leveling curve. There is also a new world type, with God’s Reach. This makes joining the Throne War far more accessible. In God’s Reach, players can learn critical gameplay mechanics, and gain confidence safely to play on other worlds. Advancement is incredibly fast and is a safe, PVE environment. Finally, by popular demand, they added a new Race/Class combination, the Fae Knight.  It combines the mobility of the Fae (gliding/featherfall), with the defensive capabilities of the Knight class.

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