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Epic Seven Celebrates 300 Days Live in Korea with New Update

Smilegate’s Epic Seven has been live for 300 days in Korea, and they’re celebrating with a new update. This update adds new content in the form of the Automaton Tower, Steel Workshop and the  Alchemist’s Steeple. With the new Alchemist’s Steeple being added to the sanctuary, players can combine various items and currencies to create items to enhance their Heroes. That includes Catalysts and Charms. Rings and Necklaces can be crafted in the Steel Workshop, to make it easier than ever to equip Heroes.

From July 1st onwards, players will be able to challenge the 100-floor-high Automaton Tower and earn Skystone, Epic Equipment, and Molagora as they climb higher. The Automaton Tower will reset every 1st day of the month, allowing players to challenge and earn rewards again and again. Other new content includes a long-awaited Story Journal where players can replay the story segments of stages they have already cleared, the new Moonlight Hero Champion Zerato, and a new Challenge called Emberstorm Pride. Emberstorm Pride will be available until July 18th, rewarding successful players with the new Artifact Crimson Seed and a Gold Transmit Stone.

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