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First Hero Now Available on Mobile for North America, Europe and Southern Asia

First Hero is a strategy game from Webzen and is available on both iOS and Android today. In First Hero, players recruit a wealth of legendary figures, from George Washington to Genghis Khan, and engage in a tactical battle with other players. Players not only have the ability to upgrade their characters to build up the strength and prowess necessary for conquering their own domain but are also able to earn Ranking Points through user vs. user and alliance vs. alliance battles to make it to the top for better ranking rewards. There are also Boss fights to do battle against, and with the latest release of the game, a new hero arrives, Saladin, and a new boss will come with him – Admiral Skeleton.

New functions also arrive in the launch, such as the Hero Summon Store, Map Style Changes, UI enhancements, Balance and more. To celebrate FIRST HERO’s official launch, WEBZEN is running various events to allow all gamers to acquire special rewards and extra bonuses, including log-in rewards, Legendary Hero Summon Rate Up Event, Royal Palace Level-up Event, Artifact Coin Event, and Resource Pillage Event.

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