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Bless Online Releases Their Assassin Class Today

The largest update for the Early Access phase of Bless Online to date hits today, which brings a new class: The Assassin. Alongside this new class are major PVP updates in The Siege of Castra and Capital War, which both bring major warfare and faction battle to the open world. This is also the first time Bless Online has been on sale and is discounted for a week on Steam. With this are two special bundles that are themed around the Assassin class and come with unique costumes, items and more to help players get started in their role as a death-dealing assassin. The full patch notes can also be found below, which gives further details on the new class and the PVP modes.

“We’re extremely excited to see what players think of the Assassin and these new PVP improvements,” said Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer of Neowiz Bless Studio. “Bless Online, at its core, is a game about the conflict between the Hieron and the Union factions. With this update, some of the most prolific PVP battles will now unfold for players to take part. And the Assassin? Well, what can we say – everyone loves a stabby stealth class.”

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