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Dauntless’ ‘The Coming Storm’ Expansion Arrives Today

The Coming Storm is the first major content update/expansion for the co-op action RPG Dauntless, from Phoenix Labs. Available for free, it offers a wealth of new content to the game and expands the rich world of Dauntless for the more than two million Slayers already experiencing the game. Koshai is a new Behemoth to challenge, who is known as the Sovereign of Thorns. He can shred armor with the greatest of ease with his powerful thorns and promises to be a worthy challenge. The world around Koshai is changing, and with this change comes a new faction, the Ostians. Ostians have arrived in Ramsgate with a new story and quests, alongside new items, and a brand new weapon type.

The first true ranged weapon, the Ostian Repeater comes in this update. Other behemoths have evolved around Koshai, so new tactics and weapons are key to survival in this unforgiving climate.  Another way to combat these new changes and encounters are the grenade items that can be crafted and used in battle. More exotic gear is on the way in the coming weeks, alongside other exciting content.

“The Coming Storm delivers on our vision for the living, breathing and constantly evolving experience of Dauntless.” said Jesse Houston, CEO and co-founder of Phoenix Labs. “It’s our ultimate goal to give the millions of Slayers playing Dauntless massive and impactful world-changing events, quests and challenges to sink their battle-hardened weapons into on a regular basis, with new and exciting updates always on the horizon.”

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