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Dual Universe Announces Their November Alpha and Roadmap to 2020

Novaquark announced today that the single-shard civilization MMORPG Dual Universe will be seeing its first Alpha test in November 2018. The growth and development of this sci-fi universe is going to continue until the Beta test, which is scheduled for the first half of 2020, and then an official launch in the second half of 2020. They released their roadmap to show the path to 2020, and they also announced all Kickstarter backers will be given access to the in-development Alpha by the end of 2018, as announced during their original crowdfunding campaign. A link to the roadmap can be found here.

Community direction and engagement is important to the Novaquark team as they seek to implement new gameplay systems and establishing their true Metaverse.  Keeping up with the roadmap won’t be easy, but the Novaquark team is dedicated to the dream and have been using their crowdsourced funds to build a team capable of doing just that. It’s an ambitious project, but Novaquark plans to maintain transparency through their launch and offer many opportunities for the community to impact the growth and development of Dual Universe.

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