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Insightsoft Announces Vampire Lord Online

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Taiwanese developer Insightsoft Entertainment has announced Vampire Lord Online.

Vampire Lord Online features a vampire-themed setting, where players take on the immortal bloodlines in search for missing human memories. The game promises to combine role-playing with strategy, eliminating traditional classes, and explore a series of stories examining the secrets of life and death.

Vampire Lord Online Trailer


Insightsoft Overturns Traditional Games with Vampire Lord Online

Insightsoft Entertainment, developer of online games in Taiwan, announced a brand new animated MMORPG: Vampire Lord Online. This game will lead players into a whole new world of vampires. Players will become part of the immortal bloodlines whose mission is to overturn the ancient fate and look for missing human memories.

Vampire Lord is free to play and combines the role-playing with the strategy management. It integrates the popular vampire story of the movie, the fiction and the animation into the western fantasy background. In this game, players get rid of the traditional classes but will become handsome, beautiful and elegant vampires who have inherent abilities and eternal missions across the centuries. Even if it’s filled with cruel and bloodthirsty atmosphere in the night, the characters insist on the goodness of human nature and believe there is still a narrow hope in the darkness.

Vampire Lord satisfies the players’ dreams through creative vampire stories. During this long journey, players will meet all kinds of people including the human, the wolf, the dog slave, the serpent, the lizard, other evil bloodlines and so on. Players have to explore the secrets of life and death from the mystery stories. If players want to become the special vampire in the dark world and are interested in Vampire Lord, please pay attention to the official website.

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