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Worlds 2016: Group Stage Day 3 Recap

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The shenanigans continue with Worlds 2016 group stage day 3!

Counter Logic Gaming vs Albus Nox Luna (WIN)
Easy win for CLG moving on… or was it? OoOoOh, drama. ANX pulled off a perfect poke team composition to overcome their powerful adversary. They fell behind early, as that comp does, but quickly came back as the superior team. I underrated ANX, but they showed up in a big way.

ROX Tigers (WIN) vs. G2
More upsets! Sort of. The Tigers fell far behind early, seemed like an unfortunate loss. G2 thought they had the game in the bag, but ROX didn’t accept that. They kept pushing, kept playing, kept trying, and were able to overcome the NA team with superior… everything. From superior Baron play to best of tourney team fighting – ROX took it all with a jaw dropping performance.
The 33 minutes team fight in particular was one of the most exciting moments of Worlds so far. Smeb is truly proving why he’s the best player at Worlds.

IMAY s. SK Telecom (WIN)
It’s 2 time world champion versus 3rd seed from China, what did you think was going to happen? SKT take an easy game.

Flash Wolves vs. Cloud9 (WIN)
Wow, that game was… something. Over 70 minutes of both teams fumbling over each other isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience, even at Worlds. Flash Wolves started off well enough, but a combination of not being able to close the game and straight up throwing allowed Cloud9 to regain a lead into an eventual win. This was loooooong booooring game and both teams need to step it up if they want group stage success.

Splyce vs. Team Solo Mid (WIN)
Still not convinced of TSM, their micro play is awful and were only saved by their surprisingly good macro play. If even the 3rd seed from EU can match the 1st seed from NA on a mechanical level, what does that say for how far TSM can actually go? I think their early game shortcomings will bite TSM in the ass, it’s just a matter of when.

Royal Never Give Up vs. Samsung Galaxy (WIN)
Well it’s about time SSG showed up! This is the Samsung I know and love from Korea, their play was just about as good as ever. Even when RNG’s macro play and draft was better, SSG was still able to overpower them with raw skill – simply beautiful. Grats SSG, you earned your Korean citizenship back.


Wildcard showing up, SSG is back, TSM looks bad, and SKT cruising.

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