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Worlds 2016: Group Stage Day 2 Recap

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The Worlds 2016 group stage continues in day 2!

SKT vs. Cloud 9
Famous last words, “cant wait to clap Faker :D” – Jensen. Oh boy, I don’t know how to tell you this Jensen… but… uh… you got bodied. Yeah, he got outright destroyed by Faker, although that’s not really a surprise. I think I lost count around the 3rd or 4th solo kill? I don’t know. Cloud 9 got stomped in every lane in every way. SKT looking crisp, even with the rusty Bengi, is this a sign of things to come or just a one off?

One thing’s for sure, C9’s pick/ban was terrible. They banned the Nidalee, a carry jungler Bengi has played exactly 0 times in competitive play, and left open the Elise which he is 29 and 6 on. What’s the thought process there? Oh, right, there wasn’t one.

Flash Wolves vs. IMAY
FW started off well enough with individual skill, but IMAY secured a win with better teamfight and macro play, albeit it was certainly close.

SSG is a complete embarrassment. End of story. They should have their Korean citizenship revoked based on their performance. I legitimately had a hard time watching them play, and it’s not just because TSM was playing like SKT-lite, but because SSG played many times worse than they usual do.

Like, invade a Lee Sin with an Elise while lanes are pushed in? Seriously? You disappoint me SSG, credit to TSM though, they played amazingly. Also, can teams please pick or ban Lee Sin from Svenskeren? I’m generally pretty underwhelmed by the dude but his Lee Sin play is incredible.

Despite having the vastly superior team comp, Splyce was destroyed. Not much else to say, Uzi completely obliterated the bot lane as well as every other lane. Personally, I thought it would be close, but man, was I wrong.

H2K vs. INTZ
Are these the same teams we saw yesterday? Because they don’t look like it. H2K stomped INTZ from the smashed laning phase to the pick focused mid game. Excellent execution by H2K, and an interesting new perspective for INTZ. Maybe their win against EDG was just a fluke?

The number one seed from China steps back up to the plate and sort-of, kinda, I guess, redeems themselves? While AHQ is not to be underestimated, I expected EDG to easily win, and when they didn’t, eh, it’s a bit disappointing. Maybe EDG is not a top contender for this tournament.

SKT, TSM, and RNG look great; EDG possibly overhyped.

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