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PUBG Mobile Lite Releases 0.14.1 Update

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1 update

PUBG MOBILE LITE released a massive content update today, with version 0.14.1. Mobile players with access to this version of PUBG MOBILE LITE can access a brand-new exclusive map, Golden Woods. It offers a tight battleground, with small towns, and unique shrubbery. There’s plenty to loot and more than enough action for everyone. A new Ranked Season also begins on October 1st. New challenges will be available in the Missions Menu, for players to pick up valuable prizes. A Title System also arrived, and players can show off their best titles to their foes.

The new Arcade Mode will highlight a War Mode where players can fight using an RPG-7. On the topic of weaponry, new guns are available: The PP-19 sub-machine gun, QBZ, and QBU DMR rifle. The classic PUBG UAZ is also in the game to transport players across the terrain.

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