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Wartune Launches Patch 1.4.5

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Reality Squared Games has released the latest update for its strategy MMORPG Wartune today.  While the main focus seems to be on guilds, players can look forward to some additional improvements as well.

Players who spend more than 24 hours offline begin accumulating rested experience.  The rested experience doubles the received experience during the rested state, until expired.  3v3 arenas are now cross-server, giving players a wider pool of opponents to fight against.  Of the additional changes, blacksmiths can now synthesize legendary equipment for levels 40, 50, and 60.  Items required for this equipment can be found in normal and nightmare dungeons, as well as the Arena shop.

Guilds have received a massive updated as part of the patch.  Guild members can now chat amongst themselves using a private channel.  The new Guild chambers territory offers guild members the ability to gain a great deal of contribution and experience.  Finally, the top 16 guilds each week can participate in an arena to see who lasts the longest.  Rewards will be based on how fast you defeat your opponents, and how long you last in battle.

Reality Squared Games also publishes Crystal Saga.

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