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Trove Introduces Major Update for PC Players With New Adventure Worlds

Trove Crystal Combat Update

Sandbox MMO Trove received a free update today, entitled “Crystal Combat” and it’s launching on PC today. Geode’s Topside is here, and a console version is slated for early 2019. Three new procedurally generated Topside worlds arrive for the planet Geode: The Cerise Sandsea, Hollow Dunes, and Weathered Wasteland. These offer exciting adventures, but perilous dangers also await in these biomes. The monsters are tough and shrouded in Darkness. It will be up to the players to acquire Crystal Equipment and Cosmic Gems to harness the power of Light needed to overcome these new foes.¬†Players will combat the forces of shadow in five-star dungeons that present a new type of timed dungeon challenge. The faster these dungeons are taken down, the better the rewards.

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