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Thief Class Debuts in Dark Blood

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Outspark has officially launched the Thief class for Dark Blood as of December 13.  The class brings in dozens of skills, new weapons, armor, and looks.  The Dark Blood team has prepared the game community with skill previews and other teasers leading up to this moment, and players can now experience the class for themselves.

In celebration, all thief characters will have a chance to test themselves in an All Thieves Field Duels this Friday, December 14, starting at 5pm PST.  Next Friday, December 21 will host the Assassins vs Outsiders Arena Battles, giving the subclasses a chance to compete against each other.  Various prizes can be obtained during this time, including a rare, private training session with a GM in the Dark Blood PvP Academy.

Other events will include a “Catch That Bandit” level competition, and a “Monster Bash” treasure filled adventure.

Outspark also publishes Luvinia Online and Fiesta Online.

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