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The Citadel arrives in War Inc. Battle Zone

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War Inc. Battle Zone  has launched a new update today, granting some promises after a community event.

The update includes the addition of a new deathmatch map, the Citadel. A 16th century building located in the town of Zemo Zenkari, this map features vantage points and mountains for intense action. The update also introduces a new user interface, a revamp to weapon sounds, and a restructuring of the match-making system to keep players of a similar level together.

War Inc. is published by Arktos Entertainment Group.

War Inc Citadel Screenshots:


Hey mercs!

The wartorn soldiers of War Inc. Battle Zone have spoken, and Online Warmongers listened. After 10,000 Facebook likes, Online Warmongers is ready to make good on their end of the bargain. Rolling out is a major update to the stunning, AAA, free-to-play shooter experience that is War Inc. Some of the thrilling updates to the stunning War Inc. experience include:

  • Citadel – A brand new community unlocked deathmatch map, centered on a 16th century citadel in the town of Zemo Zenkari. This vital control point for the mountain highway features close intense combat and a variety of unique vantage points sure to keep soldiers and their comrades team frosty
  • Strictly structured match-making system, keeping similarly leveled players together
  • Brand new, engaging user interface
  • Fully revamped suite of jaw-dropping weapon sounds
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