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Supernova Closed Beta Testing Begins

Supernova Targon CB Reveal

Bandai Namco pushes their RTS MOBA hybrid, Supernova, into closed beta testing today at last, including new Commander Targon, five new commander skins, two new force skins, and new profile icons!

Targon is a powerful, ax wielding fighter who can deal serious damage to his enemies and comes from a race of minotaur-like creatures called Aurocs who inhabit the planet Therion. When the legion of Faceless captured the Aurocs as servants for the Faceless homeworld, Targon proved to be a vicious and brutal brawler that got the attention of the Pit Boss, who gave him the title of The Arena’s new Gaoler. After a riot ensued, Targon became a prime target for angry, escaped slave gladiators. Barely fleeing with his life, Targon bought passage on a mercenary ship headed to battle in a faraway system where the ship’s captain offered Targon a chance to be a soldier, which he immediately accepted.

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