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Super Evil Megacorp Teams Up With Coca Cola for Vainglory Worlds Viewing Party

Fans of the biggest mobile esport, Vainglory, will be able to watch the World Championships, taking place in Singapore live in 18 cities this Dec. 17th. This will be the first time Coca-Cola has hosted a viewing party in Asia, in addition to locations in North America. 8 cinema locations in Japan and the United States, and 10 non-cinema locations will be able to be available in Belarus, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The locations are available in the link below and fans attending will receive exclusive merchandise and can register, starting today. Vainglory Worlds will take place at the Kailang Theater in Singapore from December 14th through 17th, and will host the twelve best Vainglory teams from around the world. During the final day, the final 5v5 will be revealed in a show match, and then the grand finals will be held for the World Championship. Tickets can be found at this website.

“Vainglory is an inherently social game that brings friends together to play anytime, anywhere on their mobile device. The Coca-Cola viewing parties will be a celebration of the Vainglory community coming together to watch this global event,” said Evan Denbaum, General Manager of Esports and Editorial. “For fans who are not able to travel to Singapore to witness the event live, this is a perfect opportunity to experience the unveiling of Vainglory 5V5, which will be the biggest moment in Vainglory history since initial launch.”

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