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Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion is Now Live

Star Trek Alien Domain Incursion launch

Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion from GameSamba is officially live, after a successful Open Beta weeks before launch. GameSamba’s first Star Trek title, Star Trek: Alien Domain had players battling each other, and Species 8472 for four years, and the story evolves in Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion. Now on the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole in the Gamma Quadrant, players can either join the  United Federation of Planets, or the military superpower known as the Dominion.

Both factions must not only face each other but also must prepare to face 8472’s forces from Fluidic Space. Players can also look forward to competition between squadrons compromised of groups of players battling for vital resources. Larger fleets are also available, compared to the original Star Trek: Alien Domain. Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion is an HTML5 based Star Trek title and can be found on GameSamba’s website.

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