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SMITE Patch Notes Livestream Recap – Thoth Reveal

Today, Hi-Rez revealed during its weekly SMITE Patch stream the upcoming patch notes for the game, including the new god, Thoth.

Two news features are coming with this patch: a Spectator visual update, adding improvements originally seen on the Xbox version onto PC, and the additional support of Facebook in-game streaming.


  • Heartseeker – Proc bug fixed. Trigger effects will no longer proc it.
  • Oni Hunter’s Garb – Increased CCR 15-20. 10 Magical protections every 6s (max 5).
  • Spirit Robe – Nerf. Passive can only occur every 15s instead of 10s.

God Changes

  • Chiron – Buff. Training Exercise cooldown reduced to 13s from 15s. Centaurus projectile speed up 25s to 175 total.
  • Erlang Shen – Nerf. Pin root and cripple durations adjusted to 1.3 at all ranks.
  • Freya – Adjustment. Banish adjusted to 1.5s at all ranks. Updated FX to show when they fall. Mana cost reduced from 70 scaling down to 50.
  • Hou Yi – Buff. Sunbreaker – Now slows all targets inside area by 20% for .5s per every hit. Increased slow to 40% on targets marked by golden crow, with duration increased to 5s.
  • Kali – Passive No longer switches automatically from a target who is disconnected.
  • Kukulkan – Buff. Slipstream increased movement speed by double at all ranks, but the movement speed decays over the duration of skill. Mana reduced at all ranks from 85 to 65.
  • Neith – Easier visual cues on Buccaneith and Scarlet Dangerfield.
  • Susano – Storm Kata reverted pre-fire change (.4s back to .1s). Typhoon now changes visually and will knockup enemies after charging for 1s.
  • Terra – Nerf. Monolith can now be destroyed by players using 3 basic attacks.
  • Xbalanque – Branching Bola mana cost starts 6, scales to 15. Poison Darts mana cost from reduced to 16-18.

God Reveal – Thoth (Egypt)

Thoth is Ra’s right hand man, who rescue’s Ra’s crazy daughter. He gets promoted to Ra’s advisor in the underworld, where he sits to evaluate souls. His book has the power to make someone the most powerful magician in the world, but mortals can’t handle it.

Position: Long Distance Spell Caster. High range, low CC.

Passive: Builds stacks for getting kills (learning enemy’s weaknesses). At 30 kills, he gets a stack of 4 magical penetration. Every 4 levels he unlocks a new chapter to gain a new stack. 20 total magical penetration max. (Can gain stacks even from jungle mobs.)

  1. Replaces Thoth’s basic attack. Fires 3 AoE shots. No timer. Doesn’t go on cooldown until you fire all 3, allowing you to hold shots until you need them. Based on ability, not auto-attack.
  2. Evade and Punish: 8 direction dodge, followed by special auto attack that penetrates targets and slows.
  3. Glyph of Pain: Abilities fired through it get extended range. Includes extension of dash range. Any attacks that go through this from Thoth or his teammates will gain power.
  4. Final Judgement: Long range slow charge attack that doesn’t go on cooldown until it’s fired. Can be cancelled before full timer is reached. Can extend range with Glyph of Pain. No CC immunity so can be stunned out of it. Can go through walls. Can fire early for less total damage (each filled orb adds to power).

Check here for the full patch notes!

SMITE Patch Livestream - Thoth Reveal

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